Friday, September 5, 2008

I want a piece of that!

Let me tell you, if you are looking for either a partime or full-time businessSeneGence is an amazing opportunity!

SeneGence products are so amazing that women are truly eager to buy them,and become long term loyal customers!

You will distribute revolutionary anti-aging SeneGence SeneCeutical SkinCare documented by an unbiased independent labatory to have astonishing results and unique long-lasting semi-permanent SeneGence SenseCosmetics,all of which are 100% guaranteed.

Check out some of the many exciting benefits of this incredible opportunity with SeneGence:
• Revolutionary New Cosmetic Product Technologies! • Patented Products and Proprietary Formulations • Products developed by Industry Leaders and Pioneers! • Products that have a High Demand and Mass Market Appeal! • Products that are Highly Consumable with unprecendented consumer loyalty! • Products that are Fun and Simple to Sell!

• Cutting edge Marketing and Training Tools!
Women are intriqued by these unique products, making them easy to demonstrate. "It's true -- the products are so good that SeneGence distributors just present the benefits of the products while they "play makeup artist"and teach people about skincare and cosmetic application techniques(Using a demonstration guide that walks you right through the presentation). Some of your cusotmers will become Distributors under you earning you even more money in overrides and developing you residual income.I began distributing these revolutionary products in this year on a part-time basis and within six months I already had over 100 customers, Most of them are now loyal customers who re-order from me regularly. This is the most fun I ever had! Picture yourself playing "dress-up" with your girlfriends, having fun testing make-up and getting paid for it!

Yes, I am making money doing this!I With only six lip colors this company did $1 million their first year and with only 10 colors they did $15 million in their second year. Guess how much they did in their 3rd year? $100 million. I'll take a little piece of that, thank you!

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