Thursday, September 11, 2008

Unique Makeup Reportedly Stands Up To Sweat, Water!

Unique Makeup Reportedly Stands Up To Sweat, Water!

The hot, humid Mississippi summer can do a number on your makeup, but Senegence cosmetics has the solution. To see our products go to

SeneGence cosmetics is expanding its successful 18-hour lip color into a full face and body line.

The products are guaranteed to stay in place under harsh conditions. 100% guaranteed.

"It will not wear off, smudge off, sweat off. It's not going anywhere... "Looking as good at the end of the day as you did at the beginning of the day -- that's our goal with Senegence Cosmetics.

Reportedly, the secret to the resilience of the makeup is that the products utilize a cosmetic alcohol base, rather than a traditional wax base.

"It's not what's in it, it's what's not in it. We don't use wax bases the way traditional cosmetic lines have for how many hundreds of years," ...

Skeptical? We put the cosmetics to the test using a volunteer. After rinsing her face three times, the makeup stayed on and would not rub off on a towel.

The makeup can be removed with special solutions sold by the company called Foops.

To order this unique cosmetic go to

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