Friday, September 5, 2008

Why are Senegence Products so unique?

Well, I'll start by telling you that all SeneGence products have been developed by the world famous scientist named Yoram Fishman. You may recognize him as the developer of the haircare product called Cellophanes. (In fact, as I understand it, our long-lastng SeneGence semi-permanent cosmetics come from this same technology.) Yoram has worked for many of the top cosmeitc firms over the years. He is now exlusive to SeneGence! You can read more about Yoram and his fateful meeting with Joni Rae Rogers, the founder of SeneGence International, by going to

Joni had a burning desire to establish a company for Independent Distributors - a company that offers an unparalled opportunity to build as large as they dreamed and to make as much money as they desired by selling products that truly work. Their fateful meeting and their synergy has, in only a few short years, created SeneGence International, a multi-million dollar organization with thousands of prosperous independent SeneGence Distributors in three countries.I truly have never experienced a complete line that I love like SeneGence's. I absolutely love almost every SeneGence product. I enjoy most, if not all the products everyday! My favorite cosmetic products are the SeneGence MakeSense Foundation, the candlelight SeneGence ShadowSense (which I use as concealer and an "eye brightner") and the SeneGence BrowSense. However, I must add that the other products are all wonderful, too. My very favorite products are the SeneDerm SkinCare. I really did have deep grooves about the sides of my mouth near my cheeks that disappeared in eight weeks. My results were so spectacular that my husband, Wade, now uses the SeneGence SeneDerm skincare everyday, also. The anti-aging qualities of these products makes them truly worthy of the word "AMAZING"!. I distribute these products so that as many people as I can reach can Experience the Incredible AMAZING BEAUTY products from SeneGence that have everyone saying "WOW!" because they really have women looking AMAZING, and they do last and last! I apply my SeneGence makeup once a day now and wear it from morning to night, with minor touchup only if I am going to a special event in the evening!

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